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About Carrie

about-carrie1Carrie is a Clinical Psychologist who has worked in a variety of mental health settings, both public and private for twenty years. Over the last ten years Carrie has been working in private practice with children, young people and adults as well as supervising and mentoring other clinicians. She practices on the Sunshine Coast QLD delivering psychological therapy to clients referred with diagnoses, such as anxiety, depression, chronic pain and other significant stressors that have a negative impact on daily life.  Carrie is also a speaker and has presented at training events and workshops all over the country for GPs, clients, and the general public, she has delivered research papers at conferences, published articles in magazines, and has been interviewed on radio shows, such as Hack on Triple J.  Carrie has also presented at mental health awareness events including sharing the stage with other speakers such as Jessica Rowe.

In addition to being a Clinical Psychologist Carrie has been involved in the health and wellness industry for many years and in 2011 opened an organic and health food store “Three Apples Organics”.  The store focused on organic, local and seasonal produce, organic groceries as well as allergy friendly foods. Three Apples Organics also focused on sharing information on topics such as food as medicine and other health products to give consumers choices on how to improve their health. Three Apples also runs events – such as hosting Janella Purcell who provided education and cooking demonstrations. Carrie is currently completing further studies in Naturopathy and Nutritional Medicine. After four wonderful years in country NSW Three Apples Organics has now closed as the family relocated.

about-carrie2“If we can get our food, sleep, and movement to an adaptive and sustainable place we see an improvement in our mood and our overall sense of wellbeing. We are then more likely to be able to find the energy to work on our thoughts and behaviours to bring about a change, and freedom from our worry and unhelpful beliefs that hold us back.”